Chrono Freeze
Temporal Stasis
Power Information

Decelerating the flow of time to the point where matter and energy "freeze".


Fear, frustration, panic




Active Defensive Power

Temporal Stasis is the powerful ability decelerate time to the point that matter and energy becomes immobile. This power can be used on either a small or global scale; the limitation are dependent on the user. Users are immune to the effects of this power, as are those who are not a target.

This is an extremely rare power that is only possessed by powerful beings, making it very sought after. Temporal Stasis is rarely ever called by it's proper name and usually referred to as just Freezing.

Also CalledEdit

  • Freezing Time
  • Time Stopping
  • Temporal Hindrance
  • Temporal Immobilization

Strength and SkillEdit


Related PowersEdit

Time ManipulationEdit

Molecular StasisEdit

List of beings who use(d) Temporal StasisEdit

Original User(s)Edit

Through spell, power, stealing, etcEdit

Notes & TriviaEdit


  1. Through her power of Chronokinesis
  2. Through her power of Chronokinesis
  3. Through her power of Chronokinesis
  4. Through his power of Chronokinesis
  5. Through her power of Chronokinesis
  6. With his cupid ring.
  7. Through their Venus Stones
  8. Through their power of Chronokinesis.
  9. Through his power of Chronokinesis.
  10. Through their power of Chronokinesis.

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